There are two hotels in Chernogolovka:
1. Hotel “Scientific Center of Chernogolovka RAS” for 168 people is located 630 meters from the bus station at ul. School Boulevard, d. 1a (hotel website: only in Russian)
2. Hotel “Conference Center” for 16 people is located 1.3 km from the bus station at 7a, Tretya str. (Hotel website:
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Prices in the hotel on April 1, 2018

Hotel “Scientific Center of Chernogolovka RAS”Rub 

Hotel “Conference Center”

Single isolated 2500 Single room2700
Double isolated 3400 Double room3900
Single in block 1800 Junior suite (double bedroom + living room)4900
Double in block 2400   
Triple in block 2700   
Lux  for 2 persons 4000   
Apartments for 4 persons 5800   
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