It is planned to hold the School of Young Scientists “Theoretical modeling in modern chemistry.” The lecturers will be the leading both Russian and foreign experts.

Participation in the school is FREE.


The list of lectures is presented below.


Prof. Oleg P. Charkin

(IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka)
"DFT modeling of bioorganic molecules"

Prof. Aleksey I. Boldyrev

(Utah State University, USA)
The title of the lecture is being clarified.

Prof. Jamal G. Musaev

(Emory University, USA)
"Multi-Disciplinary Efforts toward Novel Catalysis Design for the Solar-to-Chemical Conversion and Selective C-H Functionalization"

Prof. Alexander M. Mebel

(Florida International University, USA)
"Mechanisms of growth of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons"

Prof. Alexander V. Nemukhin

(IBCP RAS, Moscow)
"Computer simulation of biomolecular reactions"

Prof. Viktor G. Solomonik

( Ivanovo State University of Chemistry and Technology, Ivanovo)
"Methods and objectives of quantum chemistry in molecular spectroscopy"

Prof. Viktor B. Luzhkov

(IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka)
"Studies of protein binding and biologically active compounds by the method of molecular dynamics"
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