The conference will be held in Chernogolovka – a cozy picturesque town 45 km north-east of Moscow – at the address Moscow Region, Chernogolovka, Akademika Semenova Avenue, 1, IPCP RAS.

Место проведения
Место проведения

There are several ways to reach the venue:

1. The simplest (but most expensive) way is to take a taxi. It will cost from 2 000 to 4 000 rubles, depending on the airport/station and the transport company. If you plan to get to Chernogolovka by taxi, then it is best to order it at the front desk of a taxi, which is in each airport and many railway stations.

2. You can also use public transport. In this case, you first need to get to Moscow (from the Airport). The best way to get to Moscow from any airport is to use aeroexpress (see  for more information, the cost is 420 rubles). From Domodedovo you will arrive at the Paveletsky railway station, from Sheremetyevo to Belorussky (or Savelovsky), from Vnukovo – to Kievsky. Aeroexpress goes with a frequency from 30 to 60 minutes. depending on the airport and time. After arriving in Moscow, you will need to go down the subway and get to Schelkovskaya station (

At the metro station Schelkovskaya, use the exit located on the side of the train head, go up the stairs, and then go through the turnstile on the left. After that, go through the glass doors and turn right. The bus parking is located under the overpass (temporarily due to the construction of the bus station building). The following buses go to Chernogolovka: No. 320 and No. 360. The journey time is from 1 to 2 hours (depending on traffic jams). The cost is about 100 rubles (travel time without traffic jams ~ 1 hour).

Then walk along Institutsky Prospect to IPCP RAS (∼ 800 m).

3. By car: IPCP RAS coordinates for Google maps 56.013432, 38.387448; for Yandex maps 56.013496, 38.386200. Near IPCP RAS there is a small free parking. Warning: when parking along the road, be careful, signs 3.29 and 3.30 “Parking is prohibited on even / odd numbers” and “Tow truck” are working. Recently, cars are not evacuated, but you can get a penalty for improper parking.

Место проведения
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